Established in 1998, Shield Resources Corporation and SRC Communications has focused on the development of the global energy and mineral resources necessary to international resource supply and has specialized in mineral resource and energy sector development and policy implementation in the U.S., Middle East, Asia and Africa. SRC is a fully integrated company offering insightful advisory services, technology, communications and equipment supplies during project planning, development and operational phases. We provide clients with unparalleled experience in the global energy and mineral resource sectors, supported by an expansive network of affiliated companies and industry relationships.

SRC is uniquely qualified to address our clients’ foreign investment and service needs. Our staff brings over 50 years of energy and mineral resource sector experience in Asia and the Middle East and is comprised of individuals that speak fluent Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Mongolian, Pashtu and Baluchi. We employ professionals local to the market to provide timely strategy considerations and immediate project execution capabilities. SRC maintains affiliate offices in Alaska, Virginia, Iraq, Mongolia, China, Japan, Jordan and the U.A.E.

Shield Resources Corporation is dedicated to the responsible development of the nations in which we operate. Our management team believes in an empowerment strategy focused on training and employing local talent to provide societal and economic growth to local communities. SRC operates under that guiding principal that we are stewards of the communities in which we operate and as a result strive to create environmentally and socially responsible, yet profitable, business opportunities.

SRC and its affiliates adhere to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and provide our business partners with a transparent and fully accountable platform to engage in energy and mineral resource projects in foreign and domestic markets.