Our Services

Shied Resources Corporation offers clients an integrated platform to manage all mineral resource and energy sector investment and service needs. Our service areas include the following:

Geologic Surveys

  • G.I.S. based information reconnaissance and detailed geologic mapping.
  • Geochemical rock and soil sampling surveys.
  • Property validation and assessment surveys.
  • Exploration lease and compliance surveys.

Emerging Market Geologic Assessments

  • SRC is capable of executing the platform’s services in the following emerging markets: Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Tanzania, Angola and Zimbabwe.

Geophysical Surveys

  • Ground based survey services include: magnetic, VLF-EM, seismic and petro-physics.
  • Airborne survey services include: aeromagnetics, gravity and landsat imagery.

Remote Site Logistics

  • Communications services include: satellite link, hand-held radio and satellite radio.
  • Transportation services include: vehicle, fixed-wing and helicopter.
  • Camp services include: tent and semi-permanent housing structures.
  • Exploration services include: drill rig support, geophysical equipment and placer gold mining equipment.

RFID – Smartcard Technology

  • Asset tracking services include: vehicle, mining, drilling and communications.
  • Labor management services include: safety, site security, time and attendance.